Influencer Content Guidelines for Social Media Features

Unlock the secrets to getting your content featured on our social profiles, website, or other marketing materials!

At Boogs & Boop, we're frequently asked what catches our eye when selecting who we feature on our social accounts. While we cannot guarantee everyone will be featured, we do give preference to the following:

  • On-Brand Aesthetics: Aim for consistency with our brand's style. We love well-lit, clear, bright, and light photos. Don't worry about editing; we'll take care of that part for you.
  • Neutral Backgrounds: Opt for photos with neutral backgrounds that are simple and uncluttered. This helps maintain a clean and visually appealing look without any distracting elements. This is our go-to look for Instagram.
  • Simple Props: Including simple props that match the product can not only enhance the overall appeal, but it also demonstrates creative ways to accessorize for specific themes, showcasing the product's versatility in a captivating manner.
  • Clear & High Quality: Ensure the product is clear and not blurred.

***We understand that not every photo will fit our preferred guidelines above, but fear not! We have more leeway for other marketing efforts, such as our website, advertisements, or TikTok. So, don't hesitate to submit all the content you capture to your specified Google Drive folder.

Examples of Preferred Instagram Photos

Here are a few examples of ambassador and model photos that we love and why we love them:

  • Plain Background: This plain background creates a captivating stage, allowing our product to shine and steal the spotlight effortlessly. Plus, check out that personality!
@itsminimilo modeling Adjustable Corduroy Harness - Rust.
  • Light & Airy Display: A minimalist background and scene that adds depth and dimension without overshadowing our product's essence or intended use. Did someone say "sophisticated"?
@goldendayswithmydoodle modeling Adjustable Corduroy Collection - Moss.
  • In-Action Interaction: Showcases the product in motion, adding a dynamic and authentic touch to a neutral backdrop. Look at the product come to life!
@maiseyjane21 modeling Adjustable Corduroy Harness - Moss.
  • Creative Product Display: Amidst a primarily white backdrop, multiple products come to life in an imaginative and fun display. Who's hungry for a hot dog?
@waffesthehotdog modeling Hot Dog Lover collection.
  • Outdoors with Natural Light:  Bathed in natural light, this photo beautifully showcases our harness and sailor bow tie against a contrasting background, adding an extra pop of vibrancy to the visual. Such a snow angel! Please Note: While exploring outdoor settings, we recommend steering away from grassy areas, as desaturating the color can prove to be a challenge.
@milladivadoxie modeling Adjustable Corduroy Harness - Berry.
  • Themed Photo: Perfectly pairs on-brand aesthetics of light neutrals with props that match the Boogs & Boop accessory and the holiday season. It's a delightful and seamless blend that captures the spirit of our brand and the festive joy of the occasion. The most stylish ween-deer!
@wafflesthehotdog modeling Adjustable Corduroy Harness - Berry.


Remember, while we appreciate staying true to our brand's style, we also celebrate your unique creativity. Feel free to explore and experiment, as your stunning content adds an exciting and diverse flair to Boogs & Boop. Your dedication in creating captivating content is truly invaluable, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your hard work. Your efforts play a significant role in making Boogs & Boop shine, and we're thrilled to have you as part of our creative team.