Dogs of the Month: Patterson & Snowy the Adventure-Loving Duo | May 2024

Read About Dogs of the Month: Patterson & Snowy the Adventure-Loving Duo | May 2024.

Introducing Patterson & Snowy: Kansas City’s Adventurous Pit Bull Duo

Pit Bull Siblings, Snowy and Patterson, Wearing Corduroy Dog Accessories Collection by Boogs & Boop. 

Patterson is a nine-year-old pit bull and Snowy is a three-year-old pit bull boxer who both embody the spirit of adventure. Let’s explore what makes Patterson and Snowy two pitts in a pod!

Three Words That Define Patterson & Snowy: Adventurous, Cuddly, Protective

Pit Bull Siblings Wearing Corduroy Dog Accessories Collection by Boogs & Boop.

Patterson and Snowy share a love for adventure and excitement, whether it’s exploring new trails, chasing balls, or enjoying any outdoor outings with their family. Despite their active nature, Patterson is a cuddle bug with a distinguished frosted face, while Snowy, with her soulful eyes, also enjoys quiet bonding moments. Both pups take their role as protectors seriously, offering unwavering loyalty and comfort to their human companions. 

Patterson & Snowy’s Signature Skill

One of Patterson and Snowy’s most endearing qualities is their knack for giving heartwarming hugs! This adorable trick reflects their affectionate personalities and strengthens the bond they share with their human companions.

A Heartwarming Tail (Tale)

One of the most touching moments in this duo’s journey together was their first time meeting at the shelter. It was an instant connection filled with playfulness, and the shelter staff could not have imagined a more perfect match! Since then, Patterson and Snowy have become inseparable companions, embarking on countless adventures and creating cherished memories together. 

Favorite Boogs & Boop Accessories

Pit Bull Wearing Corduroy Dog Collar and Sailor Bow Tie - Rust Orange. Pit Bull Wearing Corduroy Dog Collar and Sailor Bow Tie - Berry Red.

Patterson and Snowy are always ready for their next adventure, and they do it in style with the Corduroy dog accessories collection from Boogs & Boop! From the durable collars that reflect their adventurous spirits to the matching sailor bow ties that add a touch of sophistication to their look, every piece in the collection enhances their unique personalities. Whether they're hiking or strolling around the neighborhood, Patterson and Snowy are the epitome of style and charm!

As Dogs of the Month and a cherished Boogs & Boop Buddies, Patterson and Snowy continue to bring excitement, warmth, and comfort to everyone they meet. Join in on their delightful adventures on social media (@2_pittsinapod_) and discover why these two adventurers have captured the hearts of many!

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