Our Story

Boogs & Boop, LLC was born out of love for a longhaired dapple Dachshund (let’s be real, all dogs) and fashion.

Dachshund Wearing Boogs & Boop Reversible Signature Collection
I hope you woof our pawducts just as much as I woofed helping my humom create them! - Isles, Chief Canine Officer

You've Been Booped!

Originating from a devotion to her four-legged fur baby, Isles (@luckoftheisles), Chelsie embarked on a creative journey in 2022 to "boop all snoots" with her small business, Boogs & Boop. The very essence of the company's name, derived from the affectionate nickname "Booger-Monster," captures the playful spirit of Isles, while also serving as a heartfelt homage to his signature trick, the endearing "boop" where he lovingly taps his nose to a waiting finger. Paired with her determination to craft fashion-forward and budget-friendly dog accessories, Chelsie set off to curate boopable collections that resonate with both fashion enthusiasts and pet lovers alike.

Do I consider #crazydogmom to be the highest form of flattery? Yes! Do I love to dress my dog to impress and spoil him with toys? Definitely. Do I go out of my way to make him happy? Absolutely! So I embrace the slobber stains like a badge of honor and started this business as a passion project. Turns out that I’m not the only crazy dog pawent out there. - Chelsie, Chief Executive Officer

Prior to the establishment of Boogs & Boop, Chelsie's upbringing in the tranquil surroundings of Kauai, HI, surrounded by a diverse menagerie of pets, including dogs, horses, chickens, and rabbits, kindled an enduring love for animals. This early connection with her pets laid the foundation for her deep-seated passion, eventually steering part of her career toward the role of a highly sought-after product consultant in the pet industry. While Chelsie's childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian took a different turn, her relentless desire to chart a new course, one that would allow her to infuse her creativity and innovative spirit into a beloved project, ultimately culminated in the establishment of Boogs & Boop dog accessories.

Yet, Boogs & Boop goes beyond the mere realm of pet fashion. It is a venture saturated with a spirit of community, compassion, and a heartfelt desire to contribute positively. The overarching goal that propels Boogs & Boop is driven by an earnest commitment to dogs and their welfare. Chelsie's vision extends far beyond creating accessories; it encompasses a mission to share her profound love for dogs with everyone.

In this pursuit, Boogs & Boop stands as a beacon of support for the wider dog community and pups in need. With every creation and purchase, Chelsie's small business strives to make a tangible difference, contributing both financially and through volunteering to causes via Boops for Good that resonate with her unwavering love for dogs.

Boogs & Boop, LLC is more than a company; it is an embodiment of a heartfelt connection, a celebration of style, and a commitment to the well-being of our canine companions. Join us on this journey where passion, fashion, and compassion intertwine, and where the joy of booping snoots meets the elegance of design.

Why Shop With Us?

  • When you buy our products, you are directly supporting an AAPI- woman-owned and operated small business.
  • Every purchase gives back to dogs and pets in need through financial contribution or volunteering time.
  • We design unique high-quality pet accessories—harnesses, leashes, collars, bow ties, and more—to keep your fur babies both safe and stylish.
  • We create matching pet parent accessories because we believe pets are family.
  • We are proudly headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. where we design all our products.

Our Approach

Our mission is to provide a curated assortment of modern pet accessories and toys to dog lovers, with a focus on stylish and safe design.

Our promise is to provide you with a wide assortment of high-quality pet products. We don't stock anything that we wouldn't - or haven't - used ourselves.

Our merit comes from our experience in the fashion and pet industries. Since launching in 2022, we have expanded our expertise in finding and fitting various breeds and species across multiple accessory categories. 

Our impact comes from our commitment to our customers, rescues, and shelters. We pledge to aid in animal rescue efforts, from making donations to volunteering our time as our resources allow.

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