Finding the Best Dog Toys for a Pawsitively Playful Experience

Discover How To Find the Best Dog Toys for a Pawsitively Playful Experience with Boogs & Boop.

Choosing the right toys for your dog is essential for fostering a joyful and healthy bond. This guide will help you navigate key considerations to make playtime perfect!

Important Factors When Choosing Dog Toys

Interactive Features

When it comes to dog enrichment, it is important to prioritize toys with interactive elements (i.e., hidden compartments for treats, puzzle components, sniffing toys, etc.) to stimulate your pup’s mind and encourage problem solving during playtime. Interactive dog toys also serve as a valuable tool for managing behavioral issues, providing a positive and beneficial outlet for your dog’s energy. 

Appeal of Sound

If you want to add an extra layer of excitement to your dog’s play sessions, look for toys that emit safe and enjoyable sounds (i.e., squeaky dog toys). Squeaky dog toys tap into your dog’s primal instincts, bringing out their inner wolf. When they hear that distinctive squeak, they instinctively respond, satisfying their urge to capture their "prey." This also provides psychological benefits, hearing the squeak encourages them to keep playing, keeping your dog mentally stimulated and engaged. 

Size Matters

Consider your dog's size when selecting the ideal toy, ensuring it's suitable for their breed and chewing habits to guarantee their safety. If a toy is too small, it can be swallowed easily and cause a choking hazard. If your dog enjoys rough play with plush toys containing squeakers, they can dismantle the squeaker and potentially ingest it in the process. A general rule of thumb when choosing the right size dog toy is to make sure that your dog cannot enclose the entire toy in its mouth. If any portion of the toy extends beyond their mouth, they shouldn’t be able to swallow it.


For the sake of your pup’s health and hygiene, it is important to choose toys that are easy to clean. Studies have shown that dog toys can harbor bacteria including mold and mildew, which can result in skin irritations and infections. As dogs age, particularly around the age of three, they become more susceptible to gum disease. This, coupled with the fact that dog toys can harbor harmful bacteria like Bacteroides Fragilis (originating from your dog’s intestinal tract, causing severe stomach problems), underscores the importance of washable dog toys. Feel free to check out our comprehensive guide on how to clean your dog’s toys.


Look for dog toys made from robust materials (i.e. reinforced nylon, durable rubber, and heavy duty polyester) with reinforced seams to withstand your dog’s enthusiastic play and to ensure long-lasting enjoyment. Opting for durable dog toys from the outset can help you save money in the long run by reducing the need to replace broken toys frequently.

Staff Recommendations

7-in-1 Sweet Potato Foraging Nosework Puzzle Dog Toy

Shop 7-in-1 Sweet Potato Foraging Nosework Puzzle Dog Toy by Boogs & Boop.

The 7-in-1 Sweet Potato Foraging Nosework Puzzle Dog Toy stimulates your pup’s problem solving skills as they hunt for hidden treats, promoting a healthy and active mind. This toy engages your dog’s senses and keeps them entertained for hours. As this toy was designed for nosework and not chewing, this is not suitable for aggressive chewers. The washable design of the 7-in-1 Sweet Potato Foraging Nosework Puzzle Dog Toy ensures hygiene and cleanliness. This helps safeguard you and your furry friend’s health.

Teddy Bear Heart Nosework Dog Toy

Shop Teddy Bear Plush Heart Nosework Dog Plush Toy by Boogs & Boop.

The Teddy Bear Heart Nosework Dog Toy acts as a stress relief companion, featuring crinkles, squeaks, and heart puzzle feeder slots to promote problem solving. It also features an irresistibly soft plush fabric that encourages dogs to cuddle with it, helping to reduce anxiety. This toy offers both auditory and mental stimulation. While this nosework toy is durable and interactive it is not intended for aggressive chewers.

4-in-1 Interactive Dinosaur Burrow Dog Toy

Shop 4-in-1 Dinosaur Hide-and-seek Burrow Dog Toy by Boogs & Boop

The 4-in-1 Interactive Dinosaur Burrow Dog Toy offers multiple ways to play, including hide-and-seek and fetch, ensuring hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. Featuring three plush squeaky dinosaurs hatching from a metallic egg, this burrow toy triggers your pup’s natural exploratory instincts and keeps them engaged for long periods of time. Ideal for mild to moderate chewers and for small to medium sized dogs, this durable plush toy alleviates boredom while stimulating their senses.

Selecting the best toys for your pup is paramount to fostering a happy and healthy relationship filled with playful moments. By prioritizing interactive features, considering appropriate size and durability, and ensuring washability, you not only provide entertainment but also promote mental stimulation and hygiene. The staff recommendations provided offer a diverse range of options tailored to various play styles and preferences. Remember, a well chosen toy can ignite joy in your dog’s heart and strengthen the bond you share, so choose wisely and have a pawsitively playful experience!
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