Collection: Dog Gear Collabs with Women Artists & Makers

Explore our exclusive dog accessories collection, featuring harnesses, leashes, waste bag dispensers, and more, all crafted in collaboration with talented women artists and makers. As a woman-owned business ourselves, we are committed to supporting and uplifting other women entrepreneurs in our community. At Boogs & Boop, we celebrate the creativity of women-owned...
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At Boogs & Boop, we foster creativity by partnering closely with talented women artists and creators. We share our inspiration and vision, empowering them to unleash their artistic prowess and create unique designs that resonate with pet owners everywhere. This collaborative process allows us to offer a diverse tapestry of dog accessories, ranging from minimalist styles to intricate designs, ensuring there's something for every taste and preference. Our curated collection not only meets our high standards of quality and style but also reflects the individuality and creativity of each artisan. Join us in celebrating these collaborations—explore our dog accessories collection and discover the artistry behind every piece!