Collection: Perfectly Imperfect Dog Accessories

Our goal at Boogs & Boop is to allow only the best quality products to be shipped out to our customers. These Boogs & Boop products didn’t pass the sniff test. To avoid waste we repurpose, revitalize, and regenerate.

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Embrace the beauty of imperfection with our imperfect dog accessories! At Boogs & Boop, we believe that every flaw tells a unique story, adding character and charm to each piece. While these products may not have passed our rigorous quality standards, they still deserve to find loving homes. So, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind treasure at an unbeatable price, browse our imperfect collection today and give these unique dog accessories a chance to shine!

These imperfect dog harnesses and walking gear are ideal trial pieces or thoughtful options for those who enjoy giving back. These imperfect yet charming items not only offer an opportunity to experience Boogs & Boop quality at a fraction of the price but also allow you to contribute to a sustainable and eco-conscious shopping experience. Whether you're looking to test a new style or love the idea of repurposing and revitalizing, our imperfect pieces are waiting to be cherished in their new forever homes.