Dog of the Month: Rubi the Miniature Dachshund | March 2024

Read Dog of the Month: Rubi the Miniature Dachshund | March 2024 Blog by Boogs & Boop.

Introducing Rubi: The Energetic Miniature Dachshund

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Rubi is a four-year-old miniature dachshund whose lively personality lights up every room she enters. Bedazzled in colorful outfits and dog-walking gear, Rubi effortlessly steals the spotlight wherever she adventures. Let’s dive into what makes Rubi such a unique and lovable pup!

Three Words That Define Rubi: Energetic, Vocal, Stubborn

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Rubi’s dynamic nature is encapsulated in three simple words: energetic, vocal, and stubborn. Whether she is bouncing around the house or expressing her opinions with her charismatic bark, Rubi’s spirited demeanor is always on display.

The Unique Charm of Rubi

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What sets Rubi apart is her ability to bring joy to those around her. Her adorable face and fashionable attire never fail to bring smiles to people’s faces, even when serenading those around her with her vocals. Rubi's irresistible charm works like magic, often letting her wiggle her way out of tricky situations, even during those moments of stubbornness when she's determined to have things her way.

Rubi’s Signature Skill

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Rubi’s talent shines brightest when the camera comes out. She has perfected the art of striking a pose, and as soon as a phone is pointed in her direction she effortlessly sits pretty and poses like a professional. It’s no wonder Rubi has become a social media sensation!

A Playful Adventure

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One memorable adventure in Rubi’s life involved her two cat siblings and a climbing post. Coming home one day, Rubi’s family discovered her perched on the kitchen bench, barking for help. It wasn’t until later that they realized she had learned to follow her feline friends up the climbing post onto the shelf and then onto the bench. Needless to say, some furniture rearranging was in order!

Favorite Boogs & Boop Dog Accessories

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Rubi and her family are big fans of Boogs & Boop’s vibrant and fun dog accessories. From bright rope leashes to uniquely designed adjustable harnesses, these accessories add an extra pop of color to Rubi’s outings. Among her favorites is the Fluorescent Pink Adjustable Teddy Dog Harness, which perfectly compliments her energetic personality.

Matching Styles 

Not to be outdone by Rubi, her humans love to coordinate their style with hers. They adore Boogs & Boop’s enamel pins as accents for their denim jackets, allowing them to match Rubi’s energy and Boogs & Boop pride wherever they go.

As Dog of the Month | March 2024 and a beloved Boogs & Boop Bestie, Rubi continues to bring joy and laughter to all those around her. Follow her adventures on social media @rubi.star19 and discover why she’s everyone’s favorite four-legged fashionista!

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