Boogs & Boop Besties - Invite Only

Our Boogs & Boop Besties are our digital bridge between our online store and pups near and far. They have a passion for everything dog fashion and we are so obsessed with their style. As we continue to grow, Bestie contributions will be instrumental in helping us reach our goals. We would like to thank each of our Besties for all that they do:

  • The awesome content they’ve already created and continue to create.
  • Their time. After all, a pupfluencer's time is incredibly valuable.
  • Their enthusiasm and ongoing support.

Each and every one of them is valuable to our business. Be sure to give them a follow!


How it Works

The Boogs & Boop Bestie brand ambassador program is an invite-only opportunity to represent our brand. This program began by inviting our CCO's (@luckoftheisles) besties from Instagram.

If you'd like a chance to be invited, apply for our Boogs & Boop Buddy program first.


  1. FREE product to get your Boogs & Boop collection started.
  2. 20% off discount code for you.
  3. 10% off discount code for your followers.
  4. Each month, the Bestie with the most code uses receives a FREE mystery product that is not already part of their collection.
  5. Prime opportunity for your content to be featured on our website and social media account.
  6. Sneak peek of new product launches.
  7. Hosted giveaways: one product giveaway per year FREE of cost.
  8. Exclusive Bestie-only deals and giveaways.
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