Collection: Dog Leashes - Rope

Whether you’re looking for a rope leash for a brand-new puppy, shopping for one that will help control a specific behavior, or simply wanting to up your pup's style, Boogs & Boop's durable cotton rope leashes are perfect to fit your dog-walking and training needs. As the physical connection between you and your dog, our sturdy rope leashes will ensure safety and control when out for a walk. For good-looking leashes that are also very functional, our rope leashes are braided in a variety of color options to match any harness or collar.

Boogs & Boop's cotton rope leashes are sure to step up your dog-walking game! Crafted to cater to both you and your furry friend, these leads are not only chic but also incredibly practical, perfect for adventuring in style. Whether you're training your pooch to be the ultimate heel master or simply strolling to the dog park, our braided ropes are up to the challenge, even for larger breeds and strong pullers like bulldogs, boxers, and German Shepherds. And the best part? They won't leave your wallet whimpering! So, grab a rope leash, and let's hit the pavement in style, because with Boogs & Boop, every walk is a fashion statement!