23 Things We Are Thankful for in 2023

Read 23 Things to Be Thankful for in 2023 Blog by Boogs & Boop.

As we approach Thanksgiving and ultimately the end of 2023, here at Boogs & Boop, we're overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for the incredible journey we've had in our inaugural year. Being a small business in the world of dog accessories has been a remarkable adventure filled with growth, learning, and, above all, a whole lot of puppy love. As we reflect on this journey, here are 23 heartwarming reasons why we're incredibly thankful:

  1. The warmth and support from our loyal customers who have trusted us to accessorize their beloved companions.
  2. The joy of seeing our products bring smiles and comfort to pups and their owners across the globe.
  3. The vibrant community of fellow small businesses like Dirt & Dog HairFarm to PetPooch Couture Apparel, and Sunbean who've offered guidance, shared experiences, and fostered a sense of camaraderie.
  4. The invaluable lessons learned from challenges and hurdles, driving us to constantly innovate and improve our products and processes.
  5. The uplifting moments when an order comes through, acting as a beacon of encouragement during times when we might feel disheartened about the pace of orders.
  6. The creativity that comes with being a small business, allowing us to infuse our brand with personality and authenticity.
  7. The learning curve in manufacturing practices, opening our eyes on how to better safeguard our business interests.
  8. The courage to call the shots and pursue a passion that fuels the creation of distinctive, purpose-oriented pet products.
  9. The invaluable feedback and heartwarming testimonials from our customers, motivating us to continuously elevate our standards.
  10. The power of technology, allowing for innovation, automation, and enhanced connectivity, facilitating smoother operations.
  11. The tireless dedication of USPS and UPS for ensuring our orders reach our customers' doors promptly.
  12. The privilege of being a part of the dynamic and lighthearted pet industry, where we embrace fun and don't take ourselves too seriously.
  13. The opportunity to give back by supporting pet shelters and rescue organizations like Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue in their noble efforts to find loving homes for pets in need.
  14. The exciting milestones reached, from launching six collections to our first press feature.
  15. The occasional days off, helping to rejuvenate creativity and recharge energy.
  16. The experience of participating in our first pop-up event with Social Luxe Club, where we connected with customers in person, sharing the joy of our brand firsthand.
  17. A flexible schedule, enabling work at preferred times while being able to pause for strolls and cuddles with Isles.
  18. The skill of talented developers from A Bunch of Creators whose tech wizardry contributes to ensuring our customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience.
  19. The opportunity to collaborate with talented artists like Doodling with Fibie and Mizuwariko, creating unique and stylish patterns for our dog accessories.
  20. Our enthusiastic Bestie Brand Ambassadors and Buddy Model Influencers for their genuine love for our brand and authenticity when showcasing our products, helping to expand our brand reach and credibility.
  21. Our identity as a woman and AAPI-owned brand, inspiring diverse representation and fostering empowerment within our community.
  22. Isles, our in-house product tester and inspiration, for helping to ensure that every accessory meets the standards of quality and style that our furry customers deserve.
  23. The support from family and friends who stood by us through the ups and downs of our entrepreneurial journey, and even carried some (a lot) of boxes and counted hundreds of stock pieces.

As we express our gratitude for these 23 wonderful aspects of our 2023 journey, we look forward to more wagging tails, stylish dog accessories, and the boundless love of our four-legged friends. Thank you for being a part of our Boogs & Boop adventure!

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