Collection: Pawlaroid Pupfluencer Dog Accessories Collection

Embrace trendy and Instagram-worthy vibes with Boogs & Boop's Pawlaroid Pupfluencer dog accessories collection! Our assortment of pastel dog gear features a step-in dog harness and matching cotton rope leashes designed to elevate your pup's Instagram style. Featuring Polaroid cameras, Instagram frames, and social-media likes overlaying pastels to resonate with social pet influencer enthusiasts, these dog accessories are the perfect blend of picture-perfect fashion and function. Join the most famous pupfluencers and make your pup stand out from all others on their newsfeed.

The Pawlaroid Pupfluencer dog accessories collection is perfect for those impromptu Instagram photo shoots or everyday dog walks. The step-in harness offers an adjustable straps for maximum comfort, while the matching rope leashes ensure style continuity during those adventurous walks.

With this collection, your furry companion isn't just walking; they're strutting down the digital red carpet, turning every stroll into a photoshoot. Get ready to capture those heartwarming moments and double-tap-worthy poses in our step-in harness. Join the pupfluencer community with the Pawlaroid Pupfluencer dog accessories collection, tailor-made for your pup's influencer lifestyle.