Collection: Dog Leashes - Fabric

Compliment your dog's favorite collar or harness with a strong, durable, fabric dog leash for training, walking, or going on an any other adventure you have in mind. Our leashes are made of soft yet sturdy fabric material like corduroy or neoprene and are shaped conveniently so that holding on to it in the event of an emergency does not hurt your hands or give you leash burn while also restraining your pup safely. Whether you just got a new puppy or are looking to upgrade your dog's existing lead, Boogs & Boop has stylish fabric leashes that are easy to clip onto your dog's existing walking accessories for maximum control.

We understand that every dog is unique, which is why we offer a diverse range of fabric leashes to suit dogs of all breeds and sizes. From playful shih tzus to huskies, our flat leads are designed to cater to the specific needs and preferences of different dogs. Whether you're training your energetic puppy or taking your senior dog for a leisurely stroll around the park, Boogs & Boop fabric leashes provide the control and reliability you need to navigate any adventure with confidence.

For added versatility, our fabric leashes are all equipped with sturdy clips that make it effortless to attach them to your dog's harness or collar. Whether you're transitioning between different walking accessories or simply need a quick and secure attachment, our clips ensure hassle-free convenience every time. Plus, with built-in D-rings, you can easily attach accessories like waste bag dispensers or keys, keeping your hands free and your essentials within reach.