5 Dog Accessories to Spice Up Your Daily Walks

Best Bud Dog Harnesses to Spice Up Your Daily Walk

As a devoted dog parent, you want to ensure your pup gets the best possible care. So when you realize daily walks have become a bit monotonous or too routine, spice things up. Sure, you could switch up the path you take or the location where you adventure, but you could also gear up differently. Investing in unique dog walking accessories can make walks a lot more fun, providing much needed variety and a chance for some quality time spent with your pup. With these dog walking accessories, both you and your dog will be sure to make a lasting impression every time you leave the house.

  1. Teddy Hip Fanny Pack - Made of the softest teddy material and with an adjustable nylon strap, sturdy black buckle, multiple pockets and waste bag dispenser, our Teddy Hip Fanny Pack offers maximum comfort and convenience while providing you with plenty of space to store your phone, keys, wallet, and even extra waste bags. It’s available in three eye-catching colors—fluorescent pink, electric blue, and highlighter yellow—for effortless style. Never leave the house without your essentials again.
    Teddy Hip Fanny Pack - Fluorescent PinkTeddy Hip Fanny Pack - Electric Blue
  2. Adjustable Signature Print No-tangle Double Leash Extender - Spice up your walks by strolling with another furry friend. Our Adjustable Signature Print No-tangle Double Leash Extender has an innovative and stylish design that features an adjustable length from 16 to 24 inches so two dogs can stay side by side without their leashes getting tangled up. Forget about leash tangle frustration and make your doggy outings simpler and stylish.
    Adjustable Signature Print No-tangle Double Leash ExtenderAdjustable Signature Print No-tangle Double Leash Extender
  3. Signature Print Dog Mom Cropped Windbreaker Raincoat - We don’t have raincoats for dogs (yet!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish while you wait for them to be in stock. Our lightweight, water-resistant windbreaker for dog moms is cropped to the waist and comes with a hood for extra protection from the elements. The side-slit pockets are perfect for carrying small items like treats for your pup, and the adjustable drawcords on the hood and waist let you find your perfect fit.
    Signature Print Dog Mom Cropped Windbreaker RaincoatSignature Print Dog Mom Cropped Windbreaker Raincoat
  4. Adjustable Best Bud Harness - Our Adjustable Best Bud Dog Harness is sure to provide your canine companion with the ultimate comfort and support on walks. With its adjustable straps, it's easy to customize and provide the best fit for your best bud. It's made of a sturdy, yet comfortable heat-printed neoprene and breathable mesh lining to make sure your pup doesn't get too hot while on the move. Available in sizes S through XL for dogs of all sizes.
    Adjustable Best Bud HarnessAdjustable Best Bud Dog Harness
  5. Rope Leash - Sage Green - Our all-natural cotton Rope Dog Leash - Sage Green is a great choice for every dog owner. It is gentle on your hands and flexes with the movement of your pup when they pull. Whether your dog is oversized or simply overeager, this braided rope leash is up to the challenge. Plus, it comes in a pastel color for a chic look.
    Rope Dog Leash - Sage GreenRope Dog Leash - Sage Green
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