5 Dog Models Share Their Holiday Gift Picks

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The holiday season is here, and our furry companions are ready to spread cheer! We've teamed up with five of our Bestie Ambassadors and Buddy Models, each with their unique tastes and styles, to curate an exclusive holiday gift guide for pets and pet lovers alike.

1. Butter’s (@butter.thedoxie) Holiday Gift Ideas

Butter.thedoxie Wearing Hot Dog Lover Dog Harness by Boogs & Boop.

Butter's paw-picked selections embody the very essence of the holiday season, resonating with vibrant colors and cozy textures that evoke the warmth and cheer of the festive holiday season. The colors of his favorite Boogs & Boop dog accessories and toy exude a Christmassy charm, reminiscent of the rich hues adorning holiday décor while velvety textures not only add a touch of sophistication but also ensure pups stay snug during winter outings, blending fashion seamlessly with functionality. 

Butter’s Top 5 Gift Picks:

2. Cocoa, Peanut, Charlie, Blue, & Ralphie’s (@cocoa.and.peanut) Holiday Gift Ideas 

@cocoa.and.peanut Wearing Step-In Caramel Apple Dog Harness.

Cocoa, Peanut, Charlie, Blue, and Ralphie’s gift picks cover a range of styles and collections, many perfect for all seasons, not just the holidays. The Hot Dog Lovers Dog Harness stole their hearts with its Dachshund-themed design, perfect for any pup but especially charming on sausage dogs. Followed by the Step-In Roses are Red Dog Harness and sailor bow ties, adding a festive touch—almost like wrapping up your pup as a present themselves. And their last two picks? Perfect to gift a fur friend for Christmas, but designs best fit for summer and fall.

Cocoa, Peanut, Charlie, Blue, & Ralphie’s Top 5 Gift Picks:

3. Milo’s (@itsminimilo) Holiday Gift Ideas

@itsminimilo Wearing Adjustable Corduroy Dog Harness - Moss Green.

Milo's holiday gift selections guarantee a festive blend of fun and style for both dogs and humans alike. His top choice, the Adjustable Corduroy Dog Harness in Moss Green, is praised for its luxurious feel and vibrant holiday color. A close second is the Hot Dog Lover Dog Harness, showcasing his Dachshund pride. To complete his gift list, Milo suggests matching dog and human accessories, ensuring a delightful mix of style and joy for both furry friends and their owners. Plus a multi-piece toy for the good boys and girls.

Milo’s Top 5 Gift Picks:

4. Milla’s (@milladivadoxie) Holiday Gift Ideas

@milladivadoxie Wearing Adjustable Corduroy Dog Harness - Berry Red.

Milla's holiday gift picks showcase both style and versatility for your festive companions. She adores the Corduroy, Summer Color Block, and Teddy dog harnesses due to their wide range of colors to suit all tastes. The fabric and flawless fit further amplify her love for these products. To complete the look, she suggests matching rope leashes due to their thickness and manageable weight. And she didn’t forget the special Dachshund-loving human in your life. For them, a pin that brings whimsy and charm to outfits or book bags.

Milla’s Top 5 Gift Picks:

5. Mochi & Teddy’s (@thepombois) Holiday Gift Ideas 

@thepombois Wearing Corduroy Dog Accessories Collection - Moss Green.

Mochi and Teddy have also sniffed out their best gifts for this festive season, blending style and practicality seamlessly. They, too, opt for pieces from the Corduroy collection due to their festive colors that are suitable year round. For a matching dog and dog mom gift, they suggest the Teddy Hip Fanny Pack and Adjustable Teddy Dog Harness in Electric Blue. And since they’re a household with two pups, they completed their list with a double leash extender for added convenience during winter walks.

Mochi & Teddy’s Top 5 Gift Picks:

+ Isles’ (@luckoftheisles) Holiday Gift Ideas

@luckoftheisles Wearing Reversible Signature Dog Harness by Boogs & Boop.

Our Chief Canine Officer, Isles, always has his paw on the pulse of fashion, so also lends his expertise in selecting the perfect gifts. His holiday must haves are a blend of brights and neutrals, reflecting his love for versatility. Neutrals, like the Reversible Signature Print Dog Harness, are perfect for those who adore a boho or minimalist aesthetic. Plus this harness doubles the festive fun with the ability to reverse for a unique look whenever desired. On the other paw, the Hot Dog Lover Dog Mom Cropped Windbreaker Raincoat, with its vibrant yellow design, is an absolute showstopper for any Dachshund lover. Isles ensures that his gift picks aren't just for the festive season; they're wearable all year round, making them ideal presents for any occasion.

Isles’ Top 5 Gift Picks:

As we round up the holiday gift suggestions from our fabulous five (and our CCO), it's evident that style, comfort, and a touch of personality are the key ingredients for a pawfect present. From the cozy comfort of the Corduroy collection to the festive flair of the Step-In Roses are Red Dog Harness, each recommendation brings its own unique charm. Whether you're seeking a pop of color, a touch of luxury, or a versatile accessory for your pup or their furry friend, Boogs & Boop is sure to have the perfect gift to stuff a stocking.

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