Happy AAPI Heritage Month From Our AAPI-Owned Company

Celebrate Happy AAPI Heritage Month With Boogs & Boop.

This month, we honor and celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. It's a time dedicated to reflecting upon and celebrating the stories, accomplishments, and rich cultural heritage of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Here at Boogs & Boop, we are excited to share our AAPI heritage and the unique perspective it brings to our small business.

Let me start by introducing myself. I am proud to be of Native Hawaiian descent, both born and raised in the beautiful islands of Hawai‘i with every aspect of island life leaving an indelible mark on my heart and shaping my identity in profound ways. Growing up surrounded by a vibrant AAPI culture has greatly influenced my life and thus the products we create for our beloved furry friends, and I’m excited to share some examples of our AAPI-inspired offerings:

  • Our Spam Can Squeaky Rope Pet Toy, inspired by a beloved staple in Hawaiian cuisine, pays homage to the unique flavors and traditions of the Hawaiian islands. It features a tasty design—part squeaker, part rope, part hide-and-seek plushie—making it an irresistible choice for dogs who love engaging toys.
Spam Can Squeaky Rope Pet Toy
  • Our Adjustable Summer Color Block Dog Harness - Surfrider Blue draws inspiration from the stunning Pacific Ocean surrounding the Hawaiian islands and the beloved pastime of surfing which has been ingrained in the Hawaiian culture since the fourth century, when Polynesians settled in the islands and brought the art of wave riding with them. Summoning the captivating hues of the deep blue ocean and the vibrant energy of the surf, this adjustable harness is the perfect accessory for beach-going dogs.
Adjustable Summer Color Block Dog Harness - Surfrider Blue
  • Our Adjustable Summer Color Block Dog Harness - Tropical Punch Pink captures the lively colors of some of the tropical fruits— hala kahiki (pineapple), liliko‘i (passion fruit), and guava, to name a few—found in Hawaiian punch. With its eye-catching pink design, this harness adds a refreshing touch of AAPI-inspired style to your furry friend's adventures.
    Adjustable Summer Color Block Dog Harness - Tropical Punch Pink

    By choosing to shop these AAPI-inspired products, you not only provide your furry companion with high-quality accessories but also embrace the rich cultural heritage they represent. You are also contributing to a larger movement of supporting AAPI entrepreneurship. Your purchase supports our dreams, aspirations, and the growth of our business, allowing us to expand our offerings, give back to our community, and create a more inclusive pet industry. In addition to supporting AAPI-owned small businesses like ours, there are countless ways to show support and appreciation. Attending local festivals, visiting museums, and engaging in cultural events are all fantastic ways to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of AAPI cultures.

    By celebrating AAPI Heritage Month, we hope to inspire others to appreciate and respect the diverse AAPI cultures that make our world a more vibrant and inclusive place. Thank you for joining us in our celebration. Together, we can make a lasting impact and foster a more inclusive society for all. Your support makes a difference, and we are grateful for your contribution to our journey.

    Enter ‘AAPI15’ at checkout to save 15% off our AAPI-inspired products now through the end of AAPI Heritage Month.

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