Meet the Bestie: Milla the Mini Dachshund Who Loves Fashion

@milladivadoxie wearing Adjustable Pawsitive Affirmations Dog Harness by Boogs & Boop.

We interviewed Jennifer, @milladivadoxie's momager, about Milla’s experience as a Boogs & Boop Bestie Ambassador and more!

  1. Tell us about Milla and her adoption story.

    Milla was a gift, given to my husband and I after our first Dachshund unexpectedly crossed the Rainbow Bridge due to IVDD. Milla healed our broken hearts.

  2. What motivated and inspired you to create a social media presence for Milla?

    Milla brings me so much joy, and I wanted to share her with fellow dog lovers.

  3. Tell us about the types of content that you share.

    Milla's content focuses on dog fashion. She loves to model her wardrobe.
  4. What has been the best part about Milla becoming a social media dog influencer?

    The best part about being a social media influencer is the friendships I’ve made with other dog influencers. Together, we create an inclusive and supportive community, and it’s a true blessing.

  5. Tell us about your journey as a Boogs & Boop Bestie Ambassador.

    I was invited by Boogs & Boop to become a Bestie Ambassador. I didn’t hesitate to say "yes." Milla is besties with @boogsboop's CCO, @luckoftheisles, and so I knew the products would be great. 

  6. What’s your favorite Boogs & Boop product(s) and why?

    Everything! I especially love the Corduroy and Teddy Collections. The harnesses are super soft, well-made, and come in beautiful, vibrant colors.
    @milladivadoxie wearing Adjustable Teddy Harness - Fluorescent Yellow
  7. What advice would you give to dog parents shopping for quality pet accessories?

    My advice is to trust recommendations from friends. When I share photos and videos of Milla wearing an accessory, like her Boogs & Boop Adjustable Teddy Harness, it's because I love it!
    @milladivadoxie wearing Adjustable Teddy Harness - Fluorescent Pink by Boogs & Boop
  8. What social media outlets do you use?

    Instagram: @milladivadoxie
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