Meet the Buddy: Remy the Goldendoodle Who Loves Modeling

Meet the Buddy: Remy the Goldendoodle Who Loves Modeling for Boogs & Boop.

We interviewed Krysta, @remyrose_goldendoodle’s momager, about Remy’s experience as a Boogs & Boop Buddy Model and more!

  1. Tell us about Remy and her adoption story.

    Remy came to me during lockdown in 2020. I always wanted a dog, but made excuses along the way. I knew this was the time, and I saw Remy and fell in love.

  2. What motivated and inspired you to create a social media presence for Remy?

    I had no idea about the dog community online. I decided to post a pic of Remy to keep memories of her together like a virtual album. I started seeing more and more dog pages and loved buying her cute accessories to dress her up.

  3. Tell us about the types of content that you share.

    I love sharing content of Remy—fun stuff, funny videos, and fashion of course.

  4. What has been the best part about Remy becoming a social media dog influencer?

    The community for SURE! I’ve met some wonderful people. The bond of a dog mom is strong and I’m lucky to be a part of this community. I also love modeling for small businesses and being a small piece in their growth!

  5. Tell us about your journey as a Boogs & Boop Buddy Model.

    Remy became a model after seeing friends in the coolest neon harnesses. I fell in love with the fit and the patterns of these goodies!

  6. What’s your favorite Boogs & Boop product(s) and why?

    The Adjustable Summer Color Block Dog Harness - Tropical Punch Pink! It’s the first one I saw and it’s our go-to. The fit is perfect, the neon pink color is bright and fun, and we are in love with it!

  7. @remyrose_goldendoodle wearing Adjustable Summer Color Block Dog Harness - Tropical Pink by Boogs & Boop.

  8. What advice would you give to dog parents shopping for quality pet accessories?

    When shopping for our fur babies, quality is important. Especially with harnesses and leashes, I am very particular because I need to trust this item to keep Remy safe. When we found Boogs & Boop, I saw the quality in the harnesses that made me feel comfortable putting Remy in them.

  9. What social media outlets do you use?

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