Why Dogs Should Wear Pink Sherpa For Spring and Summer

Adjustable Teddy Fabric Dog Harness - Fluorescent Pink by Boogs & Boop

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner which means it's time to break out the Teddy Fabric Dog Harness - Fluorescent Pink from Boogs & Boop. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Pink is Refreshing

    Pink makes us think of springtime flowers and all things blooming and new, making the Adjustable Teddy Fabric Dog Harness - Fluorescent Pink perfect for springtime walks in the park or botanical gardens. The color pink has a deeply joyful vibe so your well-accessorized pup is sure to put smiles on people's faces this season.

  2. Lightweight and Breathable

    As the weather gets warmer, you may be wondering if your pup can still wear sherpa. The answer is yes! Sherpa is a great material for spring because it is lightweight and breathable which is why we chose to pair it with a mesh backing for both comfort and style. Your dog can even wear the Adjustable Teddy Fabric Dog Harness - Fluorescent Pink layered over a t-shirt on those chilly spring days.

  3. Safe and Secure

    The Adjustable Teddy Dog Harness from Boogs & Boop gives you better control of your dog on walks and takes pressure off their neck if, say, your dog lunges after a springtime squirrel or seagull at the beach. The easy-to-adjust straps ensure a perfect fit for a variety of dog sizes.

  4. Easy to Wash

    The teddy fabric is easy to maintain with regular laundering and proper washing and drying techniques. After a day out in the sun, simply spot clean the Adjustable Teddy Dog Harness with soap and water, rinse off the plastic buckles, then hang to dry for the next day of play.

  5. Matches Perfectly

    Why should your pup have all the fun when you can too? Match your furry friend with the Teddy Hip Fanny Pack - Fluorescent Pink, perfect for carrying all your summertime essentials plus some dog treats for outdoor training sessions.

All in all, the Teddy Fabric Dog Harness - Fluorescent Pink is the perfect springtime or summertime accessory for your pup.

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